Paragliding in Albania 22 septembre 2018

Even because it is septembre, the paragliding season isnt still over,
the weather seems perfect,and the technical details about the weather are:
in the first part of the day , in the morning till 11am, the wind wasnt still stable, that mean, it was coming from all  the sides,and not stable at all that mean that during the flight it supposed to be very turbulent ,so to do a joyful tandem fly we need to wait still few minutes, and from 11am the conditions become improved and very good to fly in a tandem, the wind was light  5-10km/h, the wind direction was stable , the wind was coming from west direction, good thermics around +5 above the ex military base that we call “Marina” it is strange, but this place work great when we spak about thermics, to understand if this place work or not, we need to know, that with the wind from south, the south side of takeoff, give to us the posibility of soaring condition, if the wind is from west, Marina work perfectly, and still passenger that want to try paragliding in Albania for the first time in their life  especially from LLogara site, after the tandem fly, what expecting us, that we never find the time to do during the season was, the sea , a very calm sea, a wonderful collor of transparent blue, a lot of fishes that come in your foot, and you can see and feel them, and in the end, the relaxing feeling of diving in to it,
my opinion about this paragliding day:
it was like i didnt expected, in middle of septembre the weather suposed to become bad for doing tandem paragliding, the winds in the other past years in this time of year become stronger and not flyable,
so lets consider this like a special day of septembre for doing paragliding in Albania, Llogara site

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