Paragliding in Albania Summer 2018

Paraglidin in Albania, summer 2018 seasson,
Diferently from the other year, we had more than 8 paragliding  in Albania tours,  French paragliding pilots, Italian paragliding pilots and Instructors, German,Grece and many other nationalities wich we dosent remember for the moment,
All the pilots flyed in Soaring, and Xc discipline ,
for the first time , this Year Albanian pilots and foreign pilots, tryed Kallmi site, wich is located, near Curila hills, in Durres ,

Paragliding in Albania, Kallmi paragliding site
Site Details
– Takeoff Altitude: 50-70m above sea level,
-Landing Altitude: 0m above sea Level

Site requirement, and technical detail,
– the requested  wind for use this site: is Nw- Sw wind,
– about the speed that need to use it:  it is 15-25km/h,
– requested paragliding Wing, class A-D prefered to use b and up,
site is not accesed by car, but you can let the car just 30m, from the takeoff 🙂

Location area, Paragliding area, and Landing area, every visibile detail is explained in this virtual map in the followed Link:


Another very atractive paragliding in Albania Site this year,  liked even by Foreign Pilots, was Berati,

paragliding in albania
paragliding in albania

Berati is a protected site by Unesco, so to Fly above Berati is more than just a fly,(city nickname by a very famous writer in Albania is “The City of 1001 Windows”)
In berati Area  there are 4 flying sites, 2 in the 300m altitude above the city, and 2 others, in 900m above the city altitude,
Pilot support in Berat:
-recomended Hotel & Resorant where to acomodate and to eat healthy is :
Hotel Gega
there is a very helpful local pilot with the name Eduart Gega,
he can organise even transports to takeoff with a symbolic payment,

Another very active paragliding in Albania Site during this season was Mollas,
Technical details:
takeoff: 350m
What make this site special, is the thermic of dumrea Fields, that acomulate, and help the pilots doing a flights more than 3h,
The distance record of this site, is a fly of a Italian Instructor, wich takeoff, from Mollas, and Land in Berati