Paragliding in Albania, guide 18-20 septembre 2017

Paragliding in Albania, paragliding guide report, from a trip with a Sweden couple wich was paragliding Pilots ,
the couple decided to visit Albania and to do paragliding in Albania from 18-20 septembre 2017,
in the first day, early morning after we analysed the weather forecast , we decide to spend the first day in Vlora,
Even because we didnt see big white clouds, or we didnt feel a moderate wind to stay in dynamic condition,  after the first pilots takeoff with his ozone rush4 wing, we understand that the conditions was enough good to have a wonderful fly,
the perfect place to enjoy the thermics, in Shashica takeoff is directly in the right of the takeoff, and another historical fact, about this takeoff, is that during the comunism time, the name of our dictator Enver Hoxha, was writen in many places, and Shashica mountain is a mountain of 760m ASL high, where the name of our dictator was writen, by conctrete and special steel material , so if naturaly in hour had we have a question, of where to find thermics in Shashica mountain, the answer is above Enver Hoxha 🙂
So in that day, to find and use thermics, wasnt a hard work, in the first fly , the boy rich 1.5h of fly, and the girl 1 hour,
after we seen the takeoff, read the terain, and analise many metereological details, we decide to go up again to do even a second fly,
and it result in the perfect moment to enoy the fly, because the thermics, was createn, and they was there ready to help us, after the pilots become familar to clima, and the thermics of seaside, in the second one, they feelled very comfort during the fly, and enjoyed it even more than the first one,
after the flights, there was the time of lanch, and after that , time to go back home

End of the first day
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