Paragliding in Albania | Review

Paralgiding in Albania

If you are going to spend your holiday in such a colorful country as Albania, then get ready for the fact that you want to come back here every year! Delicious fresh food, affordable prices and incredible views – this is what awaits anyone who will spend their vacation here. I’ve been here for three times , last year brought with me up to 16 friends in Albania (you can read about it here ), traveled the country from north to south – so I can confidently tell where to go and what amusements will bring the most emotions.

The Albanian business card is the Albanian Riviera , a picturesque coastline that begins after a pass in the Llogara National Park . The views here are incredible – every year I could not tear my eyes off the window for a second. At first, you ride a long stream of Chirka mountains down to the coast of the Ionian Sea with incredibly blue and pure water. In 2018, having traveled almost every beach in the neighborhood, I stopped at a holiday in the village of Dermi (Dhremi) – Hotel Summer Dream . It is here that you swim in the sea, you can simultaneously contemplate such majestic beauty of the mountains.

Paragliding in Albania

At first, a sense of passion, then a sense of incredible fear. I was hesitating until the last moment, but my birthday came this moment, because the lover knew that the best gift is unforgettable emotions.  But from such a gift can only refuse someone who is afraid of heights, so I did not have any justifications, and after 2 hours, I was sitting at the hotel waiting for a taxi that will take me back to the Llogara Pass.

At an altitude of over 1,000 m above sea level there is a magnificent observation deck where tourists stop to enjoy the landscape and make some photos in memory. However, for those who love the feeling of adrenaline in the bloodstream and extreme sports, there is entertainment that should not be missed – paragliding and skydiving. Every year there are international paragliding competitions here , and anyone can fly with an instructor on paragliding! I turned to Ilir, who works at Extreme Illiricum, and is a super specialist in her work. We agreed on everything on Facebook, and on September 14 the weather was very favorable for the implementation of this plan. However, the ones I had thoughts before the flight can look a little video 🙂

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