PGAEC- Prilep 2018 – competition paragliding accuracy

PGAEC- Prilep 2018 is FAI 2 competition paragliding accuracy landing.
European cup Slovenia &Macedonian open
Training day and Registration friday 12.10.2018
HQ Scorpion hotel Krusevo
17:00 to 19:00
Accomodation in hotel Scorpion price: sleaping 10€ per night
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Official Cup website

in This competition, the situation was very tricky,in the first day the used takeoff, was the new one, wich was build in 300 m  for faster time, and for arange to make as much as possibile rounds, but due to  a non stable wind and due to a landing on the tree directly after the takeoff, the rounds was going very slowly and in the end of the day the number of rounds was 3,
in the second day, the weather forecast was optimist for uper takeoff,
the condition was 3-5km/h south stable wind,
in the second round the weather condition was: 10-15km/h face wind(south)
in the third round , the wind was 15-20km/h, still south wind,
even because little bit stronger,the organisator, and volunter pilots, helped each other to takeoff even without the smaller incident,

– well organised, in the takeoff, and the landing area,
– in the takeoff: lunching marshall, and any volunter wich was helping every pilot to open their wing and to takeoff without even the smallest  problem in takeoff,
– in the landing area, 3 judgements, wich keep the results, 2 red bull umbrellas, and a rensponsibile person wich welcome pilots with a big bottle of water and the lunch
– the transport nothing to sugest too, every furgon was ordered to go in the takeoff with 15 pilots on board, and this is what they did, so the drivers know very well their work
– the closing ceremony was organised in the Toshe proevski museum home, close to Ilinden (memorial)

And the closing words, a welcome city , friendy peoples, amazing panorama, landscapes during the fly , and around the city, just a city that make you to go a second time just to say thank you to every person of that city