Paragliding guide in Albania


Paragliding Guide in Albania

Paragliding Guide in Albania service  is aviable by our Aeroclub since the year 2006,
there are many sites for Paragliding in Albania, for the levels, from beginner to advanced pilots, many of them are explored and finded by foreign pilots

In totall ythey are more than 10 Paragliding sites to fly in Albania, wich  are  waiting for paragliding pilots to explore them

    Site name:                                   Level:
– Dajti, Tirana                      (Intermediat, Advanced)
– Curilat, Dures                   (Beginer,Intermediat )
– Berati                                 (Beginer,intermediat,Advanced)
– Mollas                                (Beginer,intermediat,Advanced)
– Shpiragu                            (Intermediat, Advanced)
– Hekal, Bylis                        (Intermediat, Advanced)
– Shashica, Vlore                 (Beginer,Intermediat )
– Llogara                               (Beginer,Intermediat )
– Mesopotam, Sarande      (Beginer,intermediat,Advanced)
– Finiq, Sarande                   (Intermediat, Advanced)
– Çajupi, Gjirokaster            (Intermediat, Advanced)
– Morava, Korce                    (Beginer,intermediat,Advanced)
– Tomori, Berat                     (Beginer,intermediat,Advanced)

For beginer paragliding pilots the sort of the sites is
– Shashica, Vlore
– Mollas
– Curilat, Dures
– Finiq, Sarande
– Morava, Korce

For intermediat paragliding pilots (Wich mean, soaring condition, strong thermics,Turbulent,  and bad takeoff ) the sort of the site is:
– Curilat, Dures
– Morava, Korce
– Shpiragu
– Hekal, Bylis

For Advanced paragliding pilots (Wich mean, Strong Thermals, Distance potential area, XC fly  ) the sort of the site is:
– Dajti, Tirana
– Berati
– Mollas ****
– Shpiragu  ****
– Mesopotam, Sarande
– Finiq, Sarande
– Morava, Korce ***
– Çajupi, Gjirokaster *****

– The records until now are:
30km Takeoff from Mollas, landing  in Berat, a group of 5 French pilots
70km takeoff from Cajup, turnpoint1: kelcyre, turn point2: Libohove,with landing in the Field of Aviation GJirokaster, Albania

– From 360 days of the year 300days are flyable through all the Year, the only thing that you need to have is a Fying Ticket to Albania, and high level of passion to fly above Albanian Mountains

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1. Llogara – Vlore

Takeoff a
Takeoff b
Takeoff c

2. Shashica – Vlore
Takeoff a
Takeoff b

3.Çajup Gjirokaster – Albania
Takeoff A
Takeoff B
Takeoff C