Tandem Fly in Albania

Tandem Paragliding in Albania

13879398_10208737893977847_628892599143043723_nFor those who do not have the spare time to undertake the necessary lessons for being able to fly on their own, tandem fly can be the ideal option, to fly and to experience paragliding above Adriatic and Ionian sea. Tandem flight does not require previous experience. A brief introduction at the take-off area, some basic steps with the instructor and the flight can take place. During flying thee is not much you need to do other than sit comfortable and enjoy this unique experience.
We suggest too a lightweight backpack and a mountain slope for our takeoff to find ourselves in the air, fulfilling the dream of Icarus. During flight time we record your experience in high definition.


Tandem paragliding Sites

Here in Albania are 2 wonderful sites for apply the adventure of Tandem Fly,and each one have its special features 🙂

1 – Shashica located near  Kanina Castle in Vlora City,
673m above sea level
The fly realised above Adriatic sea
This site is flyable from January – Decembre


2 – Llogara, located in Natioanl Park of Llogara
934m above sea level
The fly realised above Ionian sea
This site is flyable from June – Octobre







The Tandem flying season in Albania start in April and finish in Octobre
The peak season is july – Septembre

Booking your Tandem Fly

How does it function?
– You need to Book at last 2,3 days before you plan  to fly,in this way you get even a accuary weather forecast, if we can or cant organise the fly,
– You can book through  application Form in website , Through Our Email, or by sms through our Phone number +355674046313
– Dont wear flip-flop or Sandals we need something more comfortable (just athlets or light shoes) to run  2,3 steeps in the take off, and in the landing area 2,3 other steeps

Happy Landing

Tandem fly in Llogara
Tandem paraglidin in Llogara