Tandem Paragliding Seasson Review

After a very succesful seasson of tandem paragliding, and after a sign of a contract, right now is the time to make the conclusion about the points:

1. wich was our goal,
2. what we did succesful , and
3. what we didnt succesfully

1. wich was our goal,like the other years our goal was to let the smile feeling in the face of every passenger, they dosent want to know if there is a seasson or not, they pay for the service wich include(tandem fly, transport to meeting place after the fly, flying certificate and the video 360°) and we need to create every condition for them(even if they dosent exist) to let them happy  ,and in top of everything to let the costumers happy with the manovers , service, and with some wonderful memories like the flying certificate, and the video wich in the begining of the seasson i decide to offer a new technology, and a new risi of capturing a video during a tandem fly, so i try to offer 360°video including in the price, but after i sign the contract with the next company  , and after many costumers request only me for the 360° video of the fly from Llogara, i got a order to do a steep back, so even because i had a 360° camera, i got a order to register in full hd resolution every videos of the fly,the videos of every passenger,

2. what we did succesful:
We made every costumers happy after every tandem fly from Llogara, smiling during the manovers of every tandem paragliding fly , even because there was barriers in recording of the videos i tried many times to continue registering in 360° video of my passengers wich did a tandem fly with me  from Llogara – Albania,
Because of the good service, we got more positive reviews, messages, and thanks from our costumers, and because of well trated passengers, we got positive review even from our partners wich is a big motivation to go forward

3. what we didnt succesfully
Just the contract of colaboration…
– they say that they will share the passengers with the other pilots, but what did they done?
– they just did a dirty game,
-they share passengers in the dirty way
– give to us  a very heavy passengers,
– give to us less passenger then the other pilots, and for
– ower passengers and ower partners passenger, they try to let  min 2 hours to wait to do the fly, and try to make them bored as much as possibile